10 ways to identify healthy faith

  • It is free from magic and helps the individual to see a source of ideal power which is continuously working in his life.
  • Is it socially effective in ways that help the individual strengthen his sense of community with others in sharing the love of Christ?
  • Does it emphasize the worship of God, other than people or other gods
  • Does it demonstrate humility in the acceptance of all people in their failures, race, and class?
  • Accepts the existence of God, and the trinity.
  • Shows love and concern to its followers in obedience to God’s word.
  • Helps individuals rise above condemnation of sin to embrace the totality of life and forgiveness as decreed by the word of God.
  • Emphasizes scripture as that ultimate truth in life.
  • There is freedom for people to live their lives independently while maintaining communal worship and life.
  • Offers equality where everyone shares the same standing as children of God and is treated like so.

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