Uncovering Hidden Emotions: How Journaling Can Help You Better Understand Yourself

Most people, find it is easy to keep a personal journal only when going through a crisis or challenging times. On the contrary, a journal should be an ongoing conversation with the self that is never-ending. Every time we get to this utmost moment with self it can only be described as a bare moment that only we can see and understand.

Over the years it is also possible to read and reflect on this moment with a smile or a grin because self-evaluation is always more solid. A possible depiction in your writing can be vague, kind, or just extremely tough with no sympathy to self. It is these moments that speak the most to your heart and mind on how you relate with yourself. In other terms, it can be about others or situations this can show your resilience and social capacity.

The Interesting aspect of most journals is the spiritual basis; the why questions about God, the misconceptions formed about God, and the expectations from God. None of these perceptions is wrong as they only serve as pointers to your spiritual positions, which you can challenge with the word of God. It can be interesting to view your spiritual beliefs brought out in hard times. This can help you see what you need to build in your spiritual life.

Lastly, is moving forward: in your journal you always move forward this is the fascinating part that I like. The stamina to move forward and the determination to always rise to a higher level will never be underscored on every page. The writer moves forward after turmoil of emotions; shedding tears, tough reflection, and often solid decision-making process, there is always a move forward!!! Which will always translate to further writing.

Have a reflective day journaling in a personal way.

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