7 Ways to Strengthen Your Willpower and Achieve Self-Control

  • In your notebook put down self-rules and goals to be achieved
  • Find a role model who does what you want to achieve best, observe them interact with the fear-inducing stimulus and then emulate their achievement. For instance, people who struggle with anxiety in public speaking can observe another speaker with the same struggles do a presentation and note their strong points.
  • Use physical restraint to control unwanted behavior for example place a restrictive duration on the amount of money you want to save in your bank or a specific amount of money that you need to use.
  • Rearrange the environment to present only wanted cues for your wanted behavior ie study from the library instead of doing it at home.
  • Change the people around you- to achieve the wanted behavior. this may mean at times mean decreasing contact with some people who act as enablers to the challenging behaviors you want to conquer.
  • You can also achieve control if you change the time of the various activities you want to achieve to unusual timings.
  • Engage in motivating activities and environments where you can influence the outcome of the consequences to your liking.

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