How to overcome the frustrating simple losses in every day

Have you gone through the small common losses which seem to occur every day; loss of keys, a paper you just typed and did not save it correctly, items you want to use, a shoe, particular clothing you want to wear, and many more. The thing about the small losses is the frequency and the frustration it can cause in the day. For some people, it is possible to snap out of the loss and move on with life while for others the process may take longer. The annoying bit is that the small losses can keep appearing and frustrating your life if unchecked.

Here are the steps to overcome the frustrating simple losses in everyday

  1. Commit your day to the Lord He orders our day and plans-the reasons why we commit our day to the lord is so that he can guide us and lead us to success whether in our lives or daily activities. Prayer for the day destroys the work of the enemy and keeps him away from the success that God apportions for us.
  2.  Organization is the most effective way to prevent and deal with the loss- getting organized assures us of where to find the needed essentials for when we need them. It helps more when the organization is lived out in taking what we need and returning it to the same place.
  3. If you have time, you can look for the lost item or work till you are successful- this can help you deal with the frustration straight on and the negative emotions associated.
  4. Take a break you may just find what you are looking for-sometimes when we are under pressure it is difficult to find what we are looking for. A break will cause a good distraction for you to be fresh while recalling becomes easy.
  5. Deal with emotions associated with loss-try to relax breathe in and out,  you can do hydrotherapy as well this can help you deal with the negative emotions like anxiety and stress.
  6. Refuse to give up and press on till you accomplish what you intended for the day-This will work effectively if you have a lot of time in your hands. This means you can pend other activities to deal with the small loss until you are successful for the day.
  7. Choose to maintain positive emotions for the day whether you can deal with the emotions or not.

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