Mindful sexual safety

Sexual crimes are on the increase from even the most unpredictable places and people. The truth of the matter is that sexual offenses are traumatic, horrific, and evil happenings that can take a very long time to heal. However, being on the alert can help provide safety measures against sex predators while at the same time remaining safe.

  1. Prayer keeps away the devil and his agents- always remember to pray for your safety and believe God to protect you and give you the wisdom to make the right decision at the right time.
  2. Do not walk on lonely paths- it is safer to walk on roads where there other pedestrians, or arrange other alternative means if you have to use the particular roads.
  3. Keep relatively fair time in terms of being early and late with consideration of safety and where you live.
  4. It is good to always be mindful of your environment when you walk and travel. Being mindful is not the same as being anxious which translates to fear and worry. On the contrary, being mindful will raise your consciousness on matters such as who is sitting next to you, who is approaching you at what distance, etc.
  5. Do not accept any objects which are not yours either as a gift or collected. Some sex predators use such items to drag their victims
  6. Trust no one to be in lonely rooms with them. Instead, prefer public places where you can assess any danger and ask for help.
  7. Always trust your gut it raises the right flags if you think you are in danger. I advocate that you run for your safety and seek help or contact people or organizations that can help you.
  8.  Never take lightly unwanted sexual passes and threats from anyone keep a safe distance always and never disclose your premises to them. It is also wise to avoid lengthy conversations with such people to avoid sending the wrong signals which are interpreted to their liking.
  9. Avoid the use of drugs in the company of strangers, drugs cloud your judgment to make the right choices and defend yourself.
  10.  Practice firm boundaries concerning giving invites to people as well as personal space is concerned. 

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