Indicators That Your Beliefs May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

  • Religion, church, the beliefs of the group, control the person’s life not their relationship with God
  • Faith has an incomplete or contaminated view of God.
  • It is abusive and manipulative; Family and friends become insignificant compared to the need of an individual to uphold their beliefs.
  • It has nothing to do with God, and everything to do with men and women who create a god or faith that serves them rather than honoring God.
  • Faith becomes unhealthy when individuals use God or religion for profit, power, pleasure, or prestige.
  •  Cares less about people and shows no love or concern; people are hurt, killed and many are left to suffer alone after families, friends, and fortunes have been lost.
  • Intolerance of others is common amongst those with unhealthy faith. As long as they believe they are doing what God would have them do, they don’t hesitate to push their ideas and beliefs on others.
  • Giving to get back is another variation of unhealthy faith. This is more like a materialistic investment than an act of worship. God cannot be bribed but many people attempt to do so.
  • Obsession with self is next. People are poisoned by their constant focus on their own needs, hurts, and desire for relief. There is little room left for truly worshipping God and they are never truly interested in helping others except when it is to meet their own needs.
  •  Manufactured religious experiences and spiritual frenzy, provide an adrenalin rush that makes people feel good and propagate fake miracles, beliefs, and teachings.

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